Inflatable liferafts of the best quality are the result of extensive know-how and valuable experience.
 RFD Japan Limited
 Survitec Group, Yokohama, Japan

Welcome to RFD Japan Limited, part of Global Survitec Group of companies.

RFD Japan Limited (previously Toyo Tire & Rubber Co. Ltd) manufactures and supplies ship’s safety equipment to the Japanese marine market. Our extensive product portfolio includes liferafts, marine evacuation systems and life jackets, and all our products hold both Japanese Government (JG) and European Union (MED) approvals.

RFD Japan Limited is the Japan office of the Survitec Group Limited, world leaders in the supply of safety equipment to the marine market. With a global service network of over 300 stations ensuring a prompt and reliable service anywhere in the world, the Survitec Group has earned it’s reputation for providing the highest quality products and service in the industry.


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 Exhibited at SEA JAPAN 2012 (18-20 April 2012)

  Obtained JG Type Approval for RFD-Toyo MkIV rafts and Tanker raft
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